Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stone Former

When I first heard the word from my Urologist, I cannot help but smile a little coz the first thing that came into my head was TRANSFORMERS!

Well the facts is being a stone former is not a laughing matter. If you're not one of us, then you wouldn't know how extremely painful it is to pass a kidney stone.

I have gave birth through normal delivery and have labored for 9 hours but the pain when I was passing my first stone is 10 times greater that natural child birth.

Since my first stone experience I live in horror for another stone attack, and I have passed 2 stones to date.

Because of this experience I am forever in search for a cure, a way to lessen the pain, for the stone to never form again, ever.

It also became my life's mission to somehow help other stone formers out there by providing more information with our condition.

Let's live a stone free life everybody!