Kidney Stone Medications

My Review:
I have took this drug on my second stone. My father who's also a stone former took this meds and helped him pass a few stones during his first kidney stone experience. And since then whenever he feels like having another stone attack, he just take this meds for a couple of weeks and he said he never saw the stones but he believes they were dissolved. So I asked my urologist if I can take this medications instead of the Ural he prescribed, my major reason for wanting to take this medication instead of others is because it's generally safe for breastfeeding. My doctor gave a go signal, he said however that Rowatinex is mostly only good for uric stones. I took this for a month, twice a day. The soft gel balls are tiny and very easy to swallow. I never saw the 3 mm stone pass, but it was gone on my next doctor's appointment.